The 7th workshop attempted to strengthen and broaden the objectives of past editions, specifically gathering people with active interests in nuclear and electron spin relaxation, fast magnetic field switching experiments, low field magnetic resonance, nuclear quadrupole resonance, and magnetic imaging.

This year’s conference hosted for the first time two sessions devoted to fieldcycling MRI and ultra low field MRI.

  • The FCMRI sessions were being held under the auspices of the project coordinated by Aberdeen University on Fast FieldCycling
    MRI (20072011), funded by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under the “Basic Technology”scheme.
  • While fieldcycling MRI and ultra low field MRI remained niche areas within worldwide MRI research, nevertheless the inclusion of ten oral presentations on these topics (comprising nearly a third of the oral presentations at the conference) indicated a steadily growing interest in these areas of MRI.
  • Furthermore, not only do the presentations covered a very broad range of topics (from Earth’s field imaging to sample shuttled free radical imaging), it was also worth noting that the geographic spread of researchers was very broad, with presenters coming from Europe, North America and Japan.
Edition 2011