The 11th Conference on Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry was organized by the University of Pisa and ICCOM-CNR.

The Conference took place in the beautiful historical city of Pisa, from Wednesday 5th June to Friday 7th June 2019.
Since the first meeting, which was held in Berlin in 1998, the Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry community has grown in number and interests and we’ve come a long way since then. The past conferences have managed to strengthen the interactions among researchers from different scientific areas (chemists, physicists, engineers, biologists, physicians), which have brought advancements in the theory and the experiment and have extended the fields of application of the technique to a variety of disciplines, as materials science, earth sciences, medicine, just to cite a few.

Building on the success of the previous conferences, the 11th conference aimed at stimulating discussion on the development of new experimental methods, easy-to-use data interpretation tools and suitable theoretical models, in order to be able to face issues regarding new societal challenges, as health, food security, clean energy and environment.

The symposium consisted of lectures and poster presentations on technology and instruments, background theory, modelling and applications in different fields. There was also time for fruitful discussions aiming to provide an opportunity for establishing or strengthening collaborations among the researchers in the field.

Edition 2019