The 12th Conference on Fast Field Cycling NMR relaxometry was held in the historic city of Cambridge, UK.

Since the first meeting, which was held in Berlin in 1998, the Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry community has been growning in number and interests.

The past conferences have brought together researchers from a range of backgrounds (physicists, chemists, engineers, biologists, physicians) to discuss the theory, applications and new developments in fast field cycling and low field NMR relaxometry. The 12th conference in the series continued this multidisciplinary trend, and covered systems including, but not limited to, porous and heterogeneous systems, polymers, biological tissues, contrast agents, solids, ionic liquids and pharmaceuticals.

The conference consisted of oral and poster presentations on instrumentation, background theory, modelling and applications in different fields, providing a forum for researchers to discuss and share ideas, and to form new collaborations or strengthen existing ones. In addition to the scientific programme, the Organising Committe arranged a formal dinner at Trinity Hall College and a punt tour of the river Cam, to provide a less formal setting to get to know one another.

Edition 2022